Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1991-07-21 - Arrowhead Ranch, Parksville, NY




Sunday, 07/21/1991
Arrowhead Ranch, Parksville, NY

Set 2: Tweezer[1] > I Didn't Know, Runaway Jim, Lawn Boy[3], The Sloth, Esther > AC/DC Bag[1] > Contact[1] > Tweezer Reprise[1]
Encore: Gumbo[4], Touch Me[4]
Encore 2: Fee > Suzy Greenberg[4]
[1] Giant Country Horns.
[2] Giant Country Horns; Bonanza theme tease.
[3] Carl Gerhard on trumpet.
[4] Giant Country Horns, Steve-O from New Orleans on washboard.
Notes: This show featured the Giant Country Horns on all songs except Guelah, Poor Heart, Hydrogen, I Didn't Know, Runaway Jim, Sloth, Esther, and Fee. During I Didn't Know, Fishman was introduced as "The Sultan of Swat, Henrietta." Lawn Boy featured Carl Gerhard, who was introduced as "Lawn Boy," on trumpet. Gumbo, Touch Me, and Suzy also featured “Steve-O from New Orleans” on washboard, or, as Trey referred to it, “whatever the hell you call that thing.” Weekapaug included a Bonanza theme tease. The Radiators and TR3 were the opening acts.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Phish - A Trip To Oswego - Mini Doc

 I know.  I know.  I've been slacking off on this site, but a family, a full time job, and school will do that.  Anyway enjoy this one!  I'll be keeping the site going through this summer's tour for sure!

 Thanks for sharing