Saturday, December 31, 2011

12/30/2011 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY - HarpuaFSB playlist!

Fri, Dec 30, 2011
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Set 1: Punch You In the Eye > Prince Caspian[1] > Backwards Down the Number Line, Nellie Kane, Divided Sky, Sand, Vultures, Rift, Joy, Quinn the Eskimo

Set 2: Wilson > Axilla > Piper > Twist > Julius > Golgi Apparatus > Also Sprach Zarathustra, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, David Bowie[2], The Squirming Coil

Encore: Boogie On Reggae Woman, Good Times Bad Times

[1] Unfinished.
[2] Silent In the Morning teases.

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